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Look Beauty Pro Palette

Bought this makeup palette today and thought to share my experience with you all. I will divide the whole blog into two separate parts. First of all, the product and the second part will be about the seller.

This is the look beauty pro palette. This product caught my eye as it is in fact 3 smaller palettes that can be used in a smaller on-the-go palette so I can take it with me when I head out for the day. So here as you can see there are the 3 different color palettes, they are called (from left to right) Metallic Nudes, Glitzy and 60's Trend and on the right is the removable travel palette. Both the large palette and the travel palette have handy mirrors inside and the travel palette also comes with mini make up applicators. This product is so pigmented but unfortunately not all the shades. I can see myself using some particular shades rather than all the shades. The packaging is amazing. I surely can see myself using it almost every day!

I bought it from the page “The Makeup Store”  and it cost me only TK 950. I don’t know if it was on sale or not but I found it really cost effective. Their service is really good. I would say 8 out of 10. They called me before dispatching the product; the delivery person was so much on point. The only downside was that I asked them to maintain the time which they couldn’t. Sadly L

I would definitely say I can see myself using this product. Do share me your experience with the product if you have used it.

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